What started as a fan club for a popular radio morning show in 2007, evolved into an idea to unite like-minded professionals, mature adults to share in each other's interests. Formalized and given the name Limin' Professionalz: The Syndicate in 2009, this brand and those that represent it have become recognized for positivity, inspiration & motivation, support, unification, electric energy, and most importantly, a sense of family.

It is said "The energy you emit attracts the things, people, events, and experiences that resonate with your vibe." (Unknown) That concept so aptly represents who we are.

Today, on the 10th Official Anniversary (12th Overall)... I want to personally thank each and every one of you, from origins to present day, for participating and contributing in any way you have, to the evolution of Brand LP:TS and for maintaining the core concept of getting out from behind our technology and bonding in that old school, interpersonal way, building such meaningful relationships and creating some of the best damn memories in the process.


Ronald G. Victor

Founder & CEO

Acacia de Verteuil

Event Coordinator

Introducing, our 10th Anniversary Commemorative Tee, with design by my cousin, Rae Anne Victor!


"Get & Stay Connected!"

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