"LOVIN' THE NEW SKIN WE'RE IN!" lptslifestyle.co gets an overdue upgrade!

😎 GREETINGS LP:TS FAMILY! Hoping everyone is staying safe & sound as we work our way through these “novel” times.


📢 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: http://www.lptslifestyle.co has a BRAND NEW LOOK!

👨🏾‍💻The updated site now features:


🎉 an ALL NEW, UPDATED COLOR SCHEME selected to match our vibrant logo.

🎉 a REVAMPED BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY with eye-catching, informative business cards & profile page layouts, sorted by business category & country.

🎉 A BRAND NEW MAGAZINE-STYLES BLOG LAYOUT, with new blogs coming real soon!

🎉 MORE WAYS TO GET CONNECTED & STAY CONNECTED WITH THE LP:TS FAMILY outside of the social media clutter.

💃🏾🕺🏾 The “LP:TS Lifestyle” is all about bringing people together to share & experience each others’ passions, be it social or professional. With our upgrades for interaction, I invite you to:

📱 OUR VERY OWN ONE STOP SHOP to stay up to date on all things LP:TS (i.e. upcoming events, trips, get togethers, exclusive collaboration & networking groups & more); Download and join us via OUR MOBILE APP by Wix at http://wix.to/vkAlAKo.

📦 LIST YOUR BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS in our Directory at http://www.lptslifestyle.co/lptsbuysblack so that our Global Family can find & support you first.

Excited for you to check it all out; See you on the inside! http://www.lptslifestyle.co.

“Live the LP:TS Lifestyle!”

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