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#TOTALBLACKOUT. "Bend The Knee for Social Injustices."

LP:TS Lifestyle Events stands in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who is exercising is constitutional right to protest social injustices and inequalities, NOT disrespecting the flag or anthem. 


The symbolism behind "bending the knee" & reason behind the NFL Blackout


The knee is NOT about the NFL. It is NOT about an anthem. It is NOT about a flag.

It was STARTED by someone in the NFL, during the anthem... who's since been cut from his team and seemingly blacklisted from getting hired on any other NFL team.... The President made it about the flag.

Don't get distracted.



Coordinating the RIGHT message.

See article below which explains a meeting between Colin Kaepernick invited former Army Green Beret, Nate Boyer, where Colin shows empathy for the pleas of our servicemen and women, and makes a sincere attempt to get the RIGHT point across, without disrespecting them, the anthem or the flag.
EXCERPT: Boyer wrote an opinion piece for Military Times this week where he talked about his conflicting emotions when he saw Kaepernick’s protest at lats week’s game. He met Kaepernick and 49ers safety Eric Reid in San Diego and the three men talked for 90 minutes before the game.

When the anthem played before the game, the two players took a knee instead of sitting.

“We were talking to him about how can we get the message back on track and not take away from the military, not take away from pride in our country but keep the focus on what the issues really are,” Kaepernick said after the game. “As we talked about it, we came up with taking a knee because there are issues that still need to be addressed and there was also a way to show more respect for the men and women that fight for this country.”


Source: undertheradar.military.com


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The plan is to use game time to get together for some type of POSITIVE engagement, be it charitable, family-oriented, change-inspiring or otherwise.

In the meantime, use the link below to share your interests for giving back and some of the causes you'd like to participating in activities to support throughout the year.


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