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Limin' Professionalz: The Syndicate (better known as LP:TS) boasts an impressive & highly diverse network of positive, passionateforward-thinking, highly experiencedexceptional examples of successful professionals serving in every imaginable industry and at various levels within major Organizations across the globe.


Members of our esteemed LP:TS Family understand the importance of and have lived through the resulting impact, whether positive or negative, of two critical turning points in our lives. Both prepared us in their respective ways, whether socially or academically, for the lives & careers we have today. They are:

  • The High School Experience

  • The College Experience


Nowadays, in the four years it takes to attain a college degree, so much would have changed in the world of work. Having direct access to those working in the industry is critical to making the best strategic decisions on how to navigate the college experience to prepare, in the best way possible, for a successful start to any planned career, soon after graduation.

How we can help

  • Our Mentorship Program will partner with your institution's academic advisory organization and assist with pairing students with a member of our resource pool of mentors, matched to specific career tracks

  • Assistance with Professional Development Planning

  • Mentors will host interactive, online information sessions with their assigned mentees, allowing mentees to have engaging dialogue about challenges with or inquiries pertaining to their professional development plan

  • Mentors will participate a guest visit program and host in-person workshops (resume writing, interviewing skills, etc.) tailored to building & refining students' competitive professional toolset.


Choosing a field of study in High School can be an intimidating task. We also understand that there is debate on whether or not it is too early to narrow a student's focus so soon at this age and stage in their lives. However, we view it as an opportunity to start exploring a variety of options based on existing interests.


It has proven to be integral first step in channelling students' learning and the institution's education resources toward a refined knowledge base that would serve as the foundation for choosing a career.


Granted, some students may not have any idea what career they would be interested in pursuing at this age. We want these students and their parents to know that is OK. Access to resources within our LP:TS Mentorship Program will only serve as voluntary, yet invaluable resource to at least start a very important conversation.

How we can help

  • Our Mentors can demonstrate what they do in their Profession and they steps they took to get there.

  • As interest pools develop, our mentors can offer mentees focussed attention to explore the field in a bit more detail

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If you're interested in becoming a LP:TS Mentor, email us at info@lptslifstyle.co.

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