"It's Our Fête Finale!"


"All good things don't necessarily come to an end, but they certainly do evolve. We've had a blast offering these packages for the past 12 years and for this we sincerely owe a debt of gratitude to you, our loyal clients. We now invite you to join us, one last time, for our final tour to Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival in 2020. It's on to new adventures from here!


With this trip, let us cement our LEGACY on the roads of Port of Spain so that they will always remember & there will be no question... LP:TS was there!"


Chief  Experience Officer

LP:TS Lifestyle Events | "Keeping Extraordinary People Connected."

Welcome to Registration!

After reading what we have to offer, please review Package Pricing & Registration section of this page.

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Trip Dates

The Official Dates for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2020 are Mon 24 and Tue 25 Feb, 2020. Our packages have been built around those dates.
  • 7 days/7 nights Accommodation & Activities in Trinidad
  • 3 days/2 nights Accommodation & Activities in Tobago
  • Wed 19-Fri 28 Feb, 2020
  • 7 days/6 nights Accommodation & Activities in Trinidad
  • Thu 20-Wed 26 Feb, 2020
  • Trinidad Activities Only
  • Thu 20-Tue 25 Feb, 2020
  • Mas Only Package
  • Mon 24-Tue 25 Feb, 2020
  • 3 days/2 nights Accommodation & Activities in Tobago
  • Wed 26-Fri 28 Feb, 2020

2020 Itinerary

Below you can access a copy of our latest official itinerary. The itinerary remains tentative until the official events calendar is released in Oct-Nov. As we decide on events, we will send notice.


Let's go through the options available and get you started! Please be sure to review the content of the packages below before doing so.

Airport & Event Shuttle Service

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET TO TRINIDAD! Then... we take over. Your experience starts at the airport (Airport Code: POS).
Our safe, courteous & reliable LP:TS Chauffeurs will be on hand:
  • to escort you to and from the Airport
  • to escort you to and from every event on our itinerary

Hotel Accommodation (Trinidad)

Our drivers will take you from Piarco International Airport straight to the luxurious Hilton Trinidad, with its serene views overlooking "The Savannah Grass." Your accommodation includes:


  • Minimum of 6 nights required; Stay can be increased upon request

  • Complimentary buffet breakfast

  • Complimentary internet access (Wi-Fi) is available to hotel guests in all guest rooms and lobby area

  • Spanking New 5,000 Sq. Ft. Fitness Centre with Private Saunas and Treatment Rooms

  • 24-Hour In-Room Dining

  • On-Site Convenience Store

  • On-Site Automated Teller (ATM)

  • Walking distance to the Carnival Parade route and major events

Access to Hot-Ticket Events

Tickets to some of the most exhilarating events on the island (aka "Fêtes") are included in your package. We party from Thursday to Sunday, catch the energy & vibe of fellow Carnivalists and get our waists and knees good & ready for the road Monday & Tuesday!


Our itinerary will be finalized close to the end of the year when the official schedule is released. As we confirm the events we will attend, we will notify you.

  • Shuttles to and from every event included

A J'Ouvert (Dirty Mas) Package

On Carnival Monday, get dutty with a J'Ouvert (aka Dirty/Mud Mas) Package from one of T&T's most reputable bands.

  • LP:TS will collect your packages on your behalf

  • Shuttle from the Hotel to the Band is included

A Costume (Mas) Package from YUMA

The Climax! A Costume Package for Carnival Mon & Tue Parade of the Bands with YUMA is included in a standard LP:TS package!

  • Shuttle service to and from the costume pickup location on our assigned day (usually Fri) to collect your own costume is included.

  • Shuttle service from the Hotel to the Band on Mon and Tue included


  • A PARTIAL PAYMENT of US$600 is already included in the cost of your package, as a downpayment to YUMA; You are responsible for the balance due upon confirmation of full cost of your chosen costume.

    • For e.g., if the total cost of your chosen costume ends up being US$750, your balance owed to YUMA will then be US$150;

    • That US$150 will be ADDED to the balance owed on your LP:TS package.

    • Approximate costs for budgeting purposes:

      • Male Costumes is US$650 (So gentlemen, you are approximately US$50 away from paid in full on your package)

      • Women's Backline Costumes, US$750

      • Women's Frontline (More elaborate) Costumes, US$1,100+

​*Opt-out is available during registration for those NOT interested in participating in the parade or for those interested in playing with other Mas bands. However, LP:TS does not assist with any process related to any other Mas band.

Costume Adjustments

After you try on your costume, we understand there might be a few things needing adjustment. Our very own, dedicated Alterations Specialist, will be on hand at our hotel to assist in getting you road ready.

Professional Makeup Artistry

Ladies! Every year, as an optional add on, LP:TS partners with the best in the business to bring you the option to get glammed for the road on Carnival Tue. For 2020, we partner with J. Lougheed Makeup Artistry.


For convenience, our MUAs come to our hotel.

Professional Hair Cut

Gents & Ladies! For 2020, joining #TeamLPTS for 2020 will be Professional Barber, Raphael Blandin & his team... on hand to tighten those hairlines up and/or get your cut right for the road!


For your convenience, our Barbers come to our hotel.

Professional Hair Styling

Ladies! For 2020, joining #TeamLPTS for 2020 will be Professional Hair Stylists from Beauty in Full Salon... on hand to touch up those hairstyles for the road on Tue!


For your convenience, our Hair Stylists come to our hotel.



Clients are to come prepared for basic hair styling services, by ensuring the following:

    • Hair is freshly washed, with no products (unless particular products are necessary for the individual);

    • Extensions and/or wigs are installed in advance of appointment;

    • Desired accessories (for e.g. to match costume) are provided by client.

  • Hair styling will be limited to simple styles (for all hair types), including:

    • Blow dry

    • Flat iron

    • Curls

    • Simple Up-do's

Professional Massage

After completing our Fête schedule, J'Ouvert and Monday Mas with YUMA, we retreat to the comforts of our hotel. There, up to 40 dedicated masseuses will be waiting to take LP:TS Package Patrons to a state of ultimate relaxation.
They've been tasked with working every kink out of our tired muscles, in preparation for the day ahead.... Mas Day 2 with YUMA. A deep massage is all yours!