Just a little family assistance for flood recovery efforts for Jay & his Family


  1. COMPILE a list of the things Jay & Family would need

  2. ESTIMATE the cost of all the items on the list to determine fund-raising target

  3. All CONTRIBUTE what they can; Ron to collect

  4. Once all monies are collected by Ron, he will TRANSFER to Akini

  5. Akini will PURCHASE all the items

  6. Akini will fly them to Trinidad and DELIVER to Jay & Family

Contribute by Zelle

Quick bank to bank transfer, no middle man, no fees. Sign up at https://www.zellepay.com/get-started.

Send funds to Ron using email address, Geoffrey.Victor@gmail.com.

Contribute by Cashapp

Sign up at https://cash.app/.

Send funds to Ron at $RGVICTOR.

Contribute by Venmo

Sign up at https://venmo.com/.