Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Packages

For the past 12 years, our primary offering has been all-inclusive packages to the "Greatest Show on Earth," Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. We've had the pleasure of serving up to 85 masqueraders on each of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


"Known as the biggest street party on Earth- Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is officially celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year. The Carnival festivities start just after Christmas and continues until Ash Wednesday-loaded with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions.

Carnival Monday opens with J’Ouvert at 4am, when revellers parade through the streets immersed in paint, grease and mud until sunrise. Later in the day on Monday and all day on Carnival Tuesday, thousands of masqueraders flood the streets throughout the islands in bold, colourful costumes, dancing through the parade routes to the exhilarating sounds of soca, steelpan and calypso music.

From its diverse people and culture to its amazing biodiversity, Trinidad and Tobago breaks the mould of the typical Caribbean destination. These islands boast a year-long calendar of cultural events and festivals on both islands, friendly, multi-ethnic people and amazing opportunities for eco-adventure: everything from birding to biking to hiking to diving and cave exploring." (Source:



There's nothing like the energy that emanates when this crew gets together. For good reason, we've earned the notorious reputation of "The Most Professional Crew in Carnival." It's who we are, it's how we carry ourselves, it's the respect we have for each other... even when we're dominating every event on the itinerary 'til the music gets cut off.


  • Airport Pickup & Shuttles to all Events.

  • Accommodation at a Luxurious hotel in Port of Spain.

  • Tickets to the Most Exhilarating Parties aka Fêtes.

  • Get “Dutty” with a Leading J’Ouvert (Mud/Paint) Mas Band.

  • Parade the Streets in a Full Costume by YUMA.

  • Professional Photography by TeamDWP.

  • Airfare to & Accommodation in Tobago.

  • A Rest & Relaxation Day at a Tobago Resort

  • An Island Tour of Tobago & Adrenalin-Pumping Water Activities.

  • Flexible 9-month Payment Plan.

  • A Hassle-Free Vacation. We’ll Handle the Details.

*Some customizations allowed

For a preview of our past three experiences in photos, visit the following teaser sites here:


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