Custom Curated Experiences​... by Us for YOU.


We're always thinking about new and creative ways to bring our LP:TS Family together, while delivering positive, memorable experiences each and every time. We work diligently to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and to offer experiences that are second to none. We understand that those who work as hard as we do, deserve to play just as hard... with minimal effort.


Below are a just a few of our creations. Stay tuned to our Calendar Page for updates on upcoming events & activities. We hope to connect with you in person soon!


"LIMIN' ...with the Professionalz" (The Series)

“LIMIN with the Professionalz” is a safe space & interactive platform that gives members of our Global Community an opportunity to connect on a personal & professional level by engaging in candid conversations about life, love, business, career & more.


Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Experience

Since 2008, our most notable offering has been our all-inclusive packages to the "Greatest Show on Earth," Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. We've had the pleasure of serving up to 85 masqueraders on each of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences and have earned the reputation of "The Most Professional Crew in Carnival."


Event Coordination for Partner Events

We are known to attend partner events, for e.g. Shorblu's "Blu Vino." LP:TS takes the coordination work from our clients & will coordinate special packages (e.g. bottle service & VIP areas) for our guests. We make it as painless as possible for the LP:TS Family to have a good time.

2021 Planning in Progress
FamilyReunionNYC2016 - 127.jpg

LP:TS Family Day & Battle of the Sexes

Created by LP:TS in 2012 as the Battle of the Sexes, this event offers a full day of fun the ENTIRE family can enjoy. Activities start with a group picnic and some good old face to face socialization, then quickly turns into a competitive battle for 12 months worth bragging rights. The games change annually, but that immeasurable fun & family atmosphere is a mainstay at this event.


Global Explore Tour (G.E.T) Experiences

We're a Family of friends that love to travel. We package the details so as usual, you just have to show up and have the time of your life. Past LP:TS Explore Tours have taken us to Jamaica (2014), Dominican Republic (2015), The Bahamas (2016) and most recently Dubai (2019). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our G.E.T. to St. Lucia (2020) was unavoidably cancelled. Stay tuned for our next destination!


 Spontaneous Funtivities

It's NOT just about parties with this crew. We're pretty spontaneous with activities, so just stay tuned to our calendar and come on out. Sometimes we keep it adults only, sometimes we invite the kids. From navigating obstacle courses, to go-kart racing, hiking the waterfalls of upstate New York & more, something is bound to peak your interest.


NEXTpectations: LP:TS Annual Year End Soirée

Our annual Year End Soirée, celebrating the successes of the year just completed and all the aspirations for the upcoming.


Local Tourism & Cultural Enrichment

You'll be surprised how much there is to learn about where you live. We organize a series of "get togethers" in the form of road trips or local travel within the US to indulge in the history, sites and culture of our homeland.

Planning in Progress

All-Inclusive Global Festival Experiences

On occasion, we may consider experiencing Cultural Festivals/Carnivals outside of Trinidad & Tobago. In 2016, we did indulged in Barbados' Cropover for the first time, with all inclusive packages created and managed by LP:TS.


Professional Development & Networking Experiences

Our professional network is vast and far reaching. We create opportunities to bring our creative minds together to continue to evolve our careers and our businesses. Let us know your professional development needs and we'll facilitate an event to get you in front of the right people to help make your vision a reality.

2021 Planning in Progress