A Message from Dreams Expounded Founder & CEO

Dear Community [OR BUSINESS] Leader,

All too often in this country, black males are not portrayed as positive role models within their community. Whether it is in television, the news, or social media, black males are often written off as unproductive members of society. We at Dreams Expounded, Inc. are trying to change that stereotype by promoting #manup.


This is a program that is led and completely serviced with the help of black men in the local community. This program will promote childhood literacy by having black males go around and pass out free books in the local neighborhoods here in Atlanta.


To date, Dreams Expounded Inc. has raised thousands of dollars for college scholarships and handed out over 10,000 books in Alabama and Texas, thanks to generous donors like you. This program started in Dallas, but through positive social media feedback, we have garnered national support and we will be handing out books in Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Miami, D.C., Buffalo, and Chattanooga.


By supporting a cause that promotes positive male leadership and role models in communities, you are helping children, especially young boys, see that black men can be more than what they see on the news every night. This is the first step in helping our communities with education initiatives that will have a much larger impact than reading and learning.


We want to continue reinforcing positive images within our own communities and throughout America. It is frequently said that change starts at the local level, and we want to be that change. You have the opportunity to assist us widening our efforts through your donation.


Thank you for your support!

Michael Merriweather Jr., MBA



Coordinating the RIGHT message.

We are a 501(c)(3) so your contribution is tax deductible.


Want to know more or to simply get in contact?

If you would like more information about our organization, you can visit us on Facebook by clicking the link below or Follow us on twitter @DreamsExpounded. You can also call Michael Merriweather personally at (972) 765-5855.

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