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"Ignite Your Authentic Vision!"

Being a Catalyst for CHANGE is not new to me...


As a compassionate, Educator, Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist for nearly two decades, (I believe that remaining focused and weathering through the storms of life with a positive mindset is the KEY.)


I have worked in schools, homes, offices and in my own private practice, connecting with those with speech and hearing difficulties, and most importantly helping them to BELIEVE in themselves more and to (SHIFT) their self-talk to an inner dialogue of both gratitude and appreciation.


I’m also an Autism Advocate which inspired me to create a program called So Smart kids, Inc.This program , helps children on the Autism Spectrum learn social skills, martial arts, and fitness. Additionally, I founded a non-profit organization called, SMART FIT FAM Inc., which help families with children on the spectrum learn more about wellness, fitness, and nutrition.


In high school, I have always surrounded myself with high-achievers, realizing that "mediocre" was NOT an option.


ORGANIC CHEMISTRY! My first major academic road block was a blessing in disguise because it made me reevaluate my childhood dream of being a medical doctor, which led to the to realization that it is also necessary to explore other options to truly choose my ideal path in life. Sometimes, it's not always what you "think"you should be but more where you "feel" you should be.


Earning a Doctorate, while going through a divorce with a two month old baby, made me learn that we need SUPPORT from others and that DETERMINATION, CONSISTENCY, and COMMITMENT will help you through life's various obstacles.

.....And these are only a FEW lessons I learned! There are so many more that I have learned professionally that can help YOU.


Explore Alisha, the Best Selling Author to Au-mazing Gift : A Journey to Autism Acceptance.


Explore Alisha, the Audiologist & Speech Pathologist.


Explore Alisha, the Speaker, Coach, Consultant.

Autism Mom

Experience Alisha, the Autism Mom Advocate



A Journey to Autism Acceptance

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. In this short read, Alisha takes us on her personal quest for truth and acceptance that eventually led her to embrace positivity and live a happy life. She shares how she was able to deal with the fact that her child was diagnosed autism, and gives out 10 things that mothers need to know to move towards acceptance of autism.

If you are going through the same thing right now and you don't know what to do, this book is for you! You will not only be inspired by Alisha's story to face challenges head on, but you will also learn a lot on how to connect with your child. I hope this book will serve as a reminder that you are not alone. You and your Au-mazing Gift will be okay.


Audiologist & Speech Pathologist

Dr. Alisha has a unique approach and delivery, learned through being an Autism mom and communication expert. Dual certified in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, she has worked with schools, homes, offices and in her own private practice for almost two decades. She uses her expertise in language to train professionals, parents and team members in improving communication & leadership skills and how to enhance productivity, team building skills and maximize efficiency in their personal lives and work environments.


Speaker, Coach & Consultant

In 2015, Dr. Alisha launched her coaching and speaking practice applying her passion and willingness to serve others. She is a catalyst for change and a great connector; the ignite coach of positive energy. She has created a movement to shift inner dialogues from negative and limited, to gratitude and abundance through the POWER of "360 degrees listening" and speaking one's truth. 

She speaks locally & internationally, and is available to address any number of topics or can customize according to your needs, including:

  • Shift Toxic Negative Energy to Positive Energy Power.

  • The Power of Words.

  • Powerful ACTIVE Listening.

  • The Power of your Voice.

  • The Power of your S.M.I.L.E.

  • 10 Au-mazingly Successful Tools Towards Autism Acceptance.

  • D.A.B: Differently-Abled, Autism & Beyond


Autism Mom Advocate

Dr. Alisha is also a mom to Zachary, her 11 year old that is on the Autism Spectrum.
She identifies with other Autism Moms that need someone to lift their spirit and to share an understanding  through it all. She currently helps Autism parents and caregivers to lessen the feeling of shame, guilt and disenfranchisement, improve their communication and coping mechanisms and learn strategies to help themselves and child achieve at a higher level. 
In 2016, her best seller, "Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance" was released. In it she shares her journey to acceptance and provides 10 "success" tools to other caregiver to use along on their paths.

Let's Connect...

Dr. Alisha Griffith

Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, Autism MOM Communication Expert, Speaker, Author, Ignite Coach.


"Dr. Ali is one of the most reliable, resilient, determined women, professionals and entrepreneurs. She is one of those individuals that her word is her bond and she is literally the person that is at the top of my list to come through for anything. So, if you're looking for someone to help you deliver results, have a powerful impact, and serve people to a whole new level, Dr. Ali is your girl."


—  Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker, Coach & Mentor

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