"Feteing with my people!"

Join Us...

...as we celebrate Damian's 40th Birthday at Trinidad Carnival, participating in J'ouvert & the Costume Parade, on February 12th & 13th 2018. We going to fete and carry-on!

Where to stay...

We are booked at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad from Friday Feb 9th-Wed Feb 14th.


If you choose to join us at the Hyatt - Current rates are: 

  • King Bed: $469/night + tax

  • Double Beds: $509/night + tax

Local Reservations Number: (868) 623-2222

Who we playing mas with...

YUMA! You can now register yourselves online via the link below. Be sure to select "LP:TS" as your Committee Member.


We have arranged for the group to join LP:TS Lifestyle Events Family for the following Carnival activities.


  • A J'Ouvert Package with one of Trinidad's most reputable bands; www.dirtydozenjouvert.com

  • Costume Package for Carnival Mon & Tue Parade of the Bands with YUMA;

***A PARTIAL PAYMENT of US$600 is included in your package as a downpayment to YUMA; You are responsible for the balance due upon confirmation of full cost of your chosen costume. For e.g. If the total cost of your chosen costume is US$750, your balance owed to YUMA will then be US$150; That US$150 will be ADDED to the balance owed on your package.

**Male Costumes usually fall in the US$650 range, with women's backline around US$750, and women's frontline from US$1,100+

  • A 2-person Professional Photography Team from Dwayne Watkins Photography accompanying the LP:TS® Family, capturing every memorable moment in HD

  • An LP:TS Goodie Bag stuffed with branded treats

  • A Hassle free, enjoyable Carnival. Leave all the planning to us. Your ONLY responsibility is to get there!

  • A unique yet family-oriented crew of Professionals from all walks of life, deemed "The Most Professional Crew in Carnival."


COST: US$985 + Costume Balance



  • Every year LP:TS® partners with the best in the business to bring you the option to get glammed up for the road on Carnival Tue. For 2018, we continue our partnership with MUA, Jaynette Lougheed.

  • Check out your MUA's work here: https://www.lptslifestyle.co/jlougheedmua

Which fetes we going to...

This is of course optional. The fete list to come out in/around October this year. Expect fetes to cost about US$120-$180 each.


  • Transportation: We will make arrangements once we have confirmed numbers.

  • Flights: For you to arrange.

  • Interested in Full LP:TS Lifestyle Carnival Packages (minus flights to/from Trinidad)? See link below; Package can be customized upon request.


  • Ready for the road?

  • Not yet committed but I can feel the road calling me?

  • Not able to join for the time of my life this year?


Hope you can join in the celebrations!

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