Connect Your Business

We're making our highly interactive network work. Do you own or work for a business you'd like to connect to share with our global & continuously growing Family of Friends? We're here to make the connection.

STEP 1: Build Me a Custom LP:TS Business Page

Get listed on our Business Directory by first letting us build you an eye-catching, easily shareable, simple to navigate, informative, business page, custom built to represent your Company.

STEP 2: Connect My LP:TS Business Page to the LP:TS Business Directory

Members of our global family are always on the look out for reputable product & service providers within our network. Immediately maximize your page's exposure & get recognized on our Official Business Directory, in categories of your choosing.

STEP 3: Interact With & Watch Our LP:TS Network Work For Your Business

FROM YOU TO YOURS: You now have an appealing, easily shareable business page listed on the LP:TS Business Directory; Use your custom link wherever you communicate, and on your business cards.


FROM OURS TO OURS: Our community will now be empowered, regardless of where we reside in the world, to share your page in referral interactions with our own friends & family, thus creating even more prospecting opportunities for you.

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