Mrs. Clayton

28 Jun 1950 - 09 Jul, 2017

Our Condolences...

Family! We regret to the announce the passing of Mrs. Cecilia Nakpa-Clayton, mother of one of our beloved family members, Brenda Titus, mother-in-law to Marc Ramón Titus, and of course grandmother to Madison & Marina Titus.







As I work with the family to get information out regarding the home-going arrangements, this page will be updated accordingly. Please feel free to bookmark it, pass along the link and continue to refer to it for the latest and most accurate information.

Below, is the official flier from the Family. Please take note of the dates.

If you are able to attend any or all of the above, please feel free to do so. I am sure your presence would be greatly appreciated by Brenda & her family.

Repast will be from 12pm-4pm at the Dorsett Venue after the funeral. The address is 677 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238.

If you are able and willing to contribute to a small memorial gift from the LP:TS Family, please utilize one of the means listed below. I will collecting contributions up until Thursday 20, July.

From Us to The Family...

Zelle Transfer

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How to Use Zelle

  1. Check the partner list to see if your bank participates

  2. Visit your bank app or log on to your bank's website

  3. Use either my email address, or my mobile number, (803) 622-0499 to send your contribution.

  4. Enter the amount and send; I will receive a notification once sent. 

Bank Deposit

 BANK OF AMERICA Account Holders may set up a transfer to my account:

  • Last Name: Victor

  • Acct #: 483-048-450-747 

  • Zip Code: 20716

Please message me and let me know if you deposited using this method as I will not receive a notification.


PayPal Transfer

 PayPal Account Holders may send funds to my account using the link below. Please keep in mind that by using this method, a Paypal fee will apply and they will deduct 3% of the amount you send.



If you prefer to send flowers on your own, they can be sent directly to the funeral home, House of Hills Funeral Home at 1000 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213. Phone (718) 773-0014.


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