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What is Battle of the Sexes?

Like any other activity created by LP:TS Lifestyle Events, Battle of the Sexes was designed to get members of our growing family out and interacting (getting to know each other) face to face, while having a bit of fun in the process.


This event in particular was designed so the ENTIRE family, including the kids could come out and participate. BOS 2017 will be the 5th installment of the event!


Join us on SATURDAY AUGUST 12th, in Brooklyn, New York, for Battle No. 5! Register today using the link below. Your registration gets you:

  • A Commemorative Teeshirt

  • Refreshments (Water, Juices, Gatorade & ice) 

You bring the eats:

  • Finger food, pastries or light snacks are welcomed

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/158197344610745; Registration Ends SUN JUL 16, 2017 at MIDNIGHT.

The Picnic

The day starts with a potluck-styled picnic, where members of the LP:TS Family bring a finger food to pass around. Light refreshments (non alcoholic drinks) are provided.

The Battle

The men then team up against the women, in determination of the gender with the brawn, wit, drive and agility to earn a year's bragging rights as the Champion Sex!

The History

After going down in the first of the Games in 2012, the Ladies are currently in the lead, up 3-1 after a three-win streak in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Will the Gentlemen tie things up in 2017 or will the Ladies push further ahead? Only August 12th will tell! See you there?!

Explore the memories of the past 4 battles so far:

The Games

NOT SO FAST! Nope! Sorry! We never reveal the games or the rules or the players. 

Who are the teams?

Simple... It's all the registered males, versus all the registered women.

  • You meet your team when you arrive

  • You learn about the game, when its about to start

  • You battle, you win, you celebrate/whine

How games are scored?
  • Win: Winner gets 3 points

  • Tie: Each team gets 1 point

  • Lose: Well... 0.

At the end of the day, the team with the most accumulated points, wins bragging rights 'til we meet again in 2018!

Can I Bring Others?

YES! The doors to our family NEVER close. We welcome newcomers. All ages welcome.

Can I Just Order Tees?

YEA! But where's the fun in that?! Kidding! Won't be able to participate but still interested in acquiring some of the memorabilia? SURE! Click the link below to order.

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