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At R & R Jr. Roti Shop, we open early on mornings to provide breakfast, by 9:30am we begin serving roti as well as lunches. Our daily roti menu includes Vege, chicken, beef, pork and goat. We also do dhal and rice daily. Other than the curry we do a different dish such as do dumplings, pasta, macaroni pie, callaloo, red beans, lentils, BBQ, etc.

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Russell Ramkissoon


As a teenager, I learned the roots of this type of business while I worked with my parents on the weekends and days off from school. I tried the 8-4 when I completed school but after about 7 years, I realized that my passion was in the curry business and I then opened my own the Junior version to R & R.

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541 Eastern Main Rd, D'Abadie, Trinidad and Tobago


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