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Through engaging, customized leadership development programs, executive and leadership coaching, and management consulting, we empower driven, committed executives to inspire and lead their teams to higher performance and sustained success. 


  • Reach their big goals faster, with clarity and confidence.

  • Build their executive presence so they position themselves for greater responsibility, credibility and promotion.

  • Tap into their powers of creative engagement to inspire and guide their own teams to rave reviews and success.

  • Determine and articulate their goals and strategies to consistently strengthen their performance and contributions.

  • Become talent development champions and grow those around them into star performers eager for greater responsibility.

  • Build high performing teams. 


  • Foster inclusive, diverse organizations with race equity as a strategic imperative.

  • Mobilize high-functioning teams around a common vision so that everyone is focused on the same ultimate outcomes.

  • Navigate rapid changes, volatility and ambiguity in your industry.

  • Develop leaders that are experts at leading change and motivating people so that your company thrives.

  • Create opportunities for professional advancement within your organization to build loyalty and retain your best people.

  • Improve individual and team engagement so that productivity and performance are maximized.

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Business Owner Mini Bio

Jackie Kindall

Founder & CEO

Described by her clients as inspiring and driven, Jackie has three decades of corporate experience and multiple certifications. In 2016, she launched Kindall Evolve. Now, through hands-on coaching, leadership development and consulting, her mission is to create a world of conscious leaders.

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