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About the Business

We provide the following services:


Graphic Designs

This includes but not limited to flyers, letter heads, business cards, logos, etc. Here is our photo gallery


Promotional Videos

A short video can also captive your audience. We offer four diffrenent types:

  1. Flyer Animation - We use your static flyer and use transitions to highlight information on your flyer

  2. Still pictures and simple text - We use royalty free images (or pictures your galley) and text

  3. Stylize pictures and Animation - We use aninated pictures and text

  4. Full Character Animation - We create a video in full annimation

Click on this link for example of each.


Virtual Card Service

We offer of range of virtual cards:

  1. Business Details   -    https://qrco.de/bcdemo

  2. Contact Card -  https://qrco.de/jsilcott

  3. Event Page - https://qrco.de/eventdem

  4. Photo Gallery - https://qrco.de/ebsgallery

  5. Share you Mobile App - https://qrco.de/familyfmltd

  6. Distribute Coupons - https://qrco.de/coupondemo

  7. Get Feedback from your customers - https://qrco.de/fbdemo

With this service you get a url to and a QR-code for your printed marterial


Business Owner Mini Bio

Jolene Silcott


I am from an entrepreneurial family and grew up in Montserrat in the Caribbean. From as early as the age of 9, I assisted with most aspects of an agroprocessing business for the production of fruit jams, jellies and nibbles.

As a teenager, I sometimes managed the Family's Grand View Bed and Breakfast on my own. This included the preparation of breakfast and maintaining the accounts. At the same time, I provided technical support for the family-owned radio station.

I gained useful work experience in Miami after I completed, comma sum laude, a Bachelors in Computer Networking and Business Communication Management from Devry University.

I returned to the Caribbean ( in year) to continue working with the family businesses which includes two radio stations in Antigua (Vibz FM and English Harbour Radio) and the broadcasting engineering company Silcomm Engineering.

Working with various companies previously mentioned, I have learnt the importance of marketing and creating the right graphics to attract your targeted market. I also noticed, that most small companies, especially sole proprietors relay on word of mouth rather than creating graphics to attract more customers. I join with a few of my colleagues and created my this company to assist small business with their graphics.

Business Contact Information

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda

(268) 775-2699

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