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Customized Carnival began as a group of friends who met in 2011 during the carnival festivities in the streets of Trinidad & Tobago. 

It was the love for the Caribbean culture and Soca music that allowed us to combine our talents to give others a customized carnival experience. Whether in the fetes, on the road for J’ouvert morning or playing with a masquerade band, Customized Carnival provides products to enhance the vibes of any carnival experience. 

The Caribbean has invited the rest of the world to ‘Come Play Ah Mas’ and we have accepted that invitation. My business partner, Stacy Gooden, and I have used Customized Carnival as a business of creative expression and liberation through unique looks that are as much futuristic as they are Afrocentric.

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Ingrid Marissa Chiles


I am artistic. I am eclectic. I am unconventional. I am an out of box thinker. I was and continue to be the person who is nerdy as I am expressive. I love my people. I love what makes us different. My goal is to advance the voices and expressions of others as I do the same.

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