Neville Romus


09 Aug, 1923 - 22 Sep, 2017

Our Condolences

We regret to the announce the passing of Mr. Neville Romus Aming, father of one of our beloved LP:TS Family members, Crystal Aming.

A Message From Crystal

"Always have been and always will be Daddy's girl...

I was reminded today that Neville Romus Aming was a gladiator... and that he was.


Although these pics were just over 14 years ago at what was the happiest day of my life... my circumstances may have changed... but the love, pride and utmost honor i felt that day with my daddy at my side transcends.


These are just a few of my FAVORITE pics of/with him EVER.

Daddy... may your journey now be as remarkable as the legacy you have left us with.


Rest easy Daddy. I love you ❤"

Homegoing Arrangements


Long Circular Road, Maraval, Trinidad & Tobago

Monday 02 October, 2017


If you are able to attend, please feel free to do so. Your presence would be greatly appreciated by Crystal.

The Euology

by Crystal Aming

(Download for Full Text)



"Uncle Neville...
Mr Aming...
Grampy ...

These are just a few ways that everyone
referred to Neville Romus Aming... But to
me... He was DADDY... and MY DADDY

Allow me to explain... Biologically, Neville
was my grandfather. My birth mother was
Roxanne, his daughter, now deceaced. At
just a few weeks old, I was left in the care
of him and his wife Conchita for what was
intended to be a temporary visit, this visit
however, turned into a lifetime. So to me,
Conchita is my mummy & Neville was MY
DADDY... and my Daddy was the best best


by Noel La Pierre

Tribute to Neville Aming - Noel La Pierre
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