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"A Family That Plays Together..."

LP:TS Lifestyle Events is a Sole Proprietorship owned & operated by Ronald Victor. As an Event Management company, our aim is to adapt our events to compliment your ever-changing life & lifestyle. We're always exploring new, fun ways to "lime" aka connect like-minded, mature professionals.

A "Lifestyle Event" in investment terminology is the occurrence of some change(s) that ultimately impacts the financial outlook of one's life & (investment) goals, be it a new job, getting married or having a child, just to name a few (on the positive side). When such "events" happen, your network encourages & motivates you to adapt to these change(s), thereby helping to continue aligning with or further exceed your life goals.

We facilitate opportunities for strangers to become friends; friends who are now extended Family. We are made up of mature & positive professionals from all walks of life, residing all across the globe. We work hard & love to play hard.... and by sharing & experiencing each other's passions, we're challenged explore each other's differences.


We are each other's support system. More importantly, we are about more than just fun. As intellectuals, we put our uniqueness & creativity into action to make our lives & the lives of others, better... We are more than just Limers. We are Limin' PROFESSIONALZ.



Who we are is Family... Plain & Simple

"Inspired by something real... something shared."

Our passion & creativity inspires us to create new and interesting opportunities for like-minded, positive people, to come together and participate in a continuously evolving series of entertaining, culturally enriching, meaningful and motivational gatherings throughout the year… and all over the world.


"What's the Value?"

Ideally, we proudly maintain our most celebrated founding characteristic, an increasing sense of family among members, which offers a network within which one can source dependable individuals to support personal as well as business pursuits.


We are Professionals, from all walks of life, who believe in good old fashion interpersonal interaction & communication. The concept is built on a premise that as positive people interact, in person, away from technologies that actually separate us and complicate the conversation, true relationships are built; individual energies synergize.


Those relationships evolve into something truly inspirational. We inspire new businesses collaborations, we're motivated to serve our communities & support those less fortunate in their time of need; in its simplest form, we become each others' shoulders to lean on, each others' cheerleaders, celebrating life's success as well as the challenges; we become an extended family, our very own inspired community.


Services We Provide

LP:TS Lifestyle Events is a one stop shop, facilitating all the necessary Event Management services from conceptualization through close. We develop a unique, appropriately-blended suite of social experiences for every age-group and interest.

  • Event Planning & Management
  • Business Directory Service
  • Business Page Design & Maintenance

Event Planning & Management

 LP:TS Lifestyle Events continues to develop our own unique line of appropriately-blended suite of social experiences for every age-group.

Some of our most notable creations are:

  • Our Annual All-inclusive Packages to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival where we have been labelled the "Most Professional Crew in Carnival."

  • Our Annual Global Exploration Tour to some new, global destination!

  • Our "Battle of the Sexes & Family Day" which challenges a team of men versus a team of women mentally and physically in a series of fun games to determine which gender will reign superior for a period of  one year.

  • Our Annual Males-Only weekend vacation, "Gentlemen's Retreat" (bka GmR).

  • Our Annual Couples-Only vacation, "Couples Retreat."

Our most notable collaborations are:

  • LP:TS @ the Annual "Post Carnival Depression" (bka PCD), hosted by Shorblu Events.

  • LP:TS @ "Reggae Winefest" at Linganore Winecellars 

Business Directory Service

LP:TS has had the pleasure of connecting an extensive network of mature, astute adults from all walks of life, residing in all parts of the world. Within the LP:TS Lifestyle Network, you can practically find a resource that can facilitate your need for some product or service usually within 3 degrees of separation. We find that to be utterly amazing!

We want to showcase your passions, while making it simple for others to not only utilize your products and/or services, but recommend your business to others, in a highly appealing & interactive way.


Inspired by you, we're Introducing... our Business Directory!

Page Design & Maintenance

What you get:

  • A  custom, eye-catching, attention grabbing, easily shareable, one-page site in our directory,  listed in a category of your choice, designed by LP:TS Lifestyle Events.

  • Access to conveniently placed ad space all across the directory.

  • Monthly maintenance & updates to your page to keep the information fresh and relevant

  • Check out sample pages here.


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