Making the Brand: A History of Connecting People

How we got our name

LP:TS stands for Limin' Professionalz: The Syndicate. "Limin'" is what we call "hanging out" in the Caribbean or getting together to socialize. We are our very own, unique social network of "Professionals," contributing to the development of dozens of industries across the globe. Collectively, we do so much in our work, our homes, our communities, resident countries, and our home nations, that is its difficult to succinctly describe the phenomena as anything but "The Syndicate," which by definition is "a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest." Put them together, you get a named that aptly describes us, right?!


Staying true to our purpose

Founded in 2007 and formally registered as a business in 2009 by Ronald G. Victor, the aim has and always will be connecting like-minded, mature adults to share and fully experience each other's passion for life, love, our many cultures & professions.


The service provided by LP:TS Lifestyle Events may be the conduit for bringing people together through events, but the positive energy, uplifting vibe that emanate in combination with the relationships that result are our most valuable product.

Our Services

The services outlined below, provided by LP:TS Lifestyle Events, may be the conduit for bringing people together through events, but the positive energy, uplifting vibe that emanate, in combination with the relationships that result, are our most valuable product.

Event Management

Travel & Leisure

From conceptualization to close off, we utilize over 16 years of experience to make every event the most memorable for you and yours... ever.


Our end to end services include:

  • Concept Incubation

  • Budget Planning

  • Venue Selection

  • Resourcing of Facilities & Necessary Personnel (e.g. DJ, Photographer)

  • Communications & Coordination of Partners & Suppliers

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Day of Event Management

Leave the details to us. You just show up and have the time of your life.


Networking & Collaboration

Black-Owned Business Directory

The ultimate goal of the "LP:TS Buys Black Initiative" is:​

  1. To create one central location to discover the black-owned business we love and support.

  2. To encourage consumers to rethink allocation of spending to black-owned businesses that may not have equal access to funding & business development opportunities.

  3. To cultivate a collaborative community of black-owned business owners to foster a self-sufficient strategic growth & development environment.

  4. To help build black businesses.

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